Suzannah B. Troy Artist YouTube Calling Honorable Milton Mollen re: New Commission to Investigate NYPD



FYI: I feel ill today and I have aged a lot (this still image doesn’t show it)  since the violent assault by Dr. Fagelman, her false cross-complaint and the corruption of the NYPD handling of all of the above. Ask each mayoral candidate will they do as I ask and call for a new Commission in to NYPD and Internal Affairs? Mayor Bloomberg Commish Kelly No Commission to Investigate NYPD so I call Honorable Retired Judge Milton Mollen

MIKE BLOOMBERG TITS & ASS A COVER-UP 911 by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

Mike Bloomberg Tits & Ass A Cover-up 911

 From my blog – my art my opinions my journal…reposted here.;s=afpU-AySMqDJknVRIf7zr26/f/mobile/news/local/bloomberg_admires_gal_behind_with_IEHzvIkdUstJxdLRoPQSqL?utm_campaign=OutbrainA&utm_source=OutbrainArticlepages&obref=obinsource

I wrote a piece from 3:00 am to 3:30am with one finger on my iphone and when I tried to copy and paste it to post to Mayor Bloomberg King of New York the entire piece was erased and I don’t think it was an accident.

Joyce Purnick’s awful bio smoke mirror and lies and pushed by her pals at the new york times who used to employer her made a point of saying Mike would oogle women’s breasts at City Hall and say nice tits and how Patti Harris would reprimand him.  Who’s Joyce Purnick’s husband?  Patti’s husband Judge Lebow was written up in The NY Times along with Valone family and Thompson family has in exploiting The People of NYC is a family biz –  Yes those connected get the big bucks funneled to them in every way possible…Dirty Patti and her family can verify that from her son getting a cush job along with Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend to run Information Tech NYC Gov and again as if real investigators where to come in just like Glenn Hutchins dumping his stock in Gartner Group who in my opinion over billed us on every thing from ECTP 911 to Board of Elections consulting is the rumor — Patti Harris’s son was quietly allowed to exit with a soft landing and I want to ask Mark Page and Judge Lebow along with all of Rudy’s guys turned SAIC lobbyists did they push the uber corrupt MTA SAIC Deal?

Anyway poor David Seifman was properly ordered to write this piece to help push Mike Bloomberg’s puppet Christine Quinn hence the empty piece on Mike’s admiring some woman’s well formed ass and Christine Quinn who knows even with billionaires getting money funneled to her any way possible and  Howard Rubenstein pulling strings she may lose the mayoral election so she tries to separate her self from Mike saying the man she helped push through an illegal third term with the lie he would help us with the economy and Mike grew richer and I believe Quinn has gone from being sued for back rent 3 or 4 times now owns 2 million $ + properties one in NYC and one in NJ while more New Yorkers fell in to poverty?

Google Christine Quinn talking points
Google Christine Quinn Chuck Meara
Google Christine Quinn Cy Vance St. Vincent’s Hospital Crooks
Mike is right about Christine Quinn’s hair color but The NY Post article pathetic.
Gay men have admired my breasts and proved to me they are as sexist as straight men so Mike admiring tits and ass making rude comments — playing the male gaze game to feel power over women which is what all my YouTubes are about most of my audience is too stupid to know or understand.
That was what Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt realized — for a few dollars way back when men could buy a magazine and stare at women’s body parts — it is a power grab — for men who feel very powerless to feel power to grab power.  Why do men buy cigars and have stripper parties?  To feel power.
This article in The NY Post had two points — to sell Mike as a macho sexist pig when in fact he could be a gay macho sexist pig but his girlfriend is flat chested and has no ass resembling a male not a female and she is not only flat as a board but she is on every board that green lights companies including Mike Bloomberg’s best client  Goldman Sachs and makes sure they are not regulated.
2nd point — Quinn’s is Mike’s victim so vote for her.
Ask Quinn why we have no hospital where St. Vincent’s Hospital was but Rudin Luxury Condos. Why no criminal investigation in to st. vincent’s.  Howard Rubenstein worried it could splish splah on to Rudin family acquisition of St. V pennies on the dollar?
Why didn’t bloomberg, Amanda the People’s Burden, Quinn, Scott Stringer, The health commissiner and Rudins fight for protective zoning for a hospital instead of Rudin Luxury condos?
Don’t rich people need Trauma Level 1 hospital, AIDS Care and a Rape Crisis Center?  Let’s ask Rosie O’Donnell for a comment.


from my blog — all my journal my art my opinion…..


John Liu’s New improved Look at NYC Gov Spending Doesn’t Go Far enough

Does it include Christine Quinn and her staff’s legal bills?  Hardee har.

Does it give us a break down of 311 spending plus all the consultants that rob us blind.
Does it say CityTime break down with contractors and “trial pending Sept, hardee har maybe Oct. )
911 break down going over budget 1 billion +  with *criminal investigation pending? hardee har

Makes me think of baseball stats — they need to ad an S for steriods.
Read my two posts one from today and one from tomorrow
and added the post before this on the press not covering the real news devastating — starting with 911 but we should be update to date on SAIC and CityTime shareholder law suit and of course our press isn’t interested — not even reporting CityTime trial has been delayed again…hilarious almost but not funny at all.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – City Comptroller John C. Liu today unveiled his much anticipated website Checkbook NYC 2.0, which provides unprecedented access into how New York City spends its nearly $70 billion annual budget.

The new website can be accessed at

“Checkbook NYC 2.0 empowers and enlists the public to keep an eye on government spending and thereby curtails wasteful and improper spending of public money,” Comptroller Liu said.    “With out-of-control cost overruns and a growing public sense that tax dollars are not funding real priorities, this application could not have come sooner.”

Version 2.0, the new and improved release of Liu’s Checkbook NYC, solidifies New York City’s position as a national leader in financial transparency. A comprehensive national study of the country’s 30 largest cities ranked New York City in the top spot.  The study conducted by the United States Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG), Transparency in City Spending: Rating the Availability of Online Government Data in America’s Largest Cities was released today In fact, under the study’s scoring criteria, an early test version of Checkbook NYC scored a 98 out of a possible 100. Checkbook NYC 2.0 is so advanced it is now the benchmark for future comparisons.”

Click the press release link already up top to read more.

Mayor Bloomberg Haggerty Re-do ECTP 911 CityTime Crime by Suzannah Troy Artist


Mike commited perjury and broke campaign laws so when Haggerty appeals is it going to be Ground Hogs day with Mike getting bitten again?

Mayor Bloomberg Uses Gabby and Gun Control Damaged Legacy by Suzannah Troy


These are my opinions….

Mike Bloomberg Use Gabby & Gun Control to Avoid 911 Corruption, Poverty, Violence with No Guns, Pension Problems etc to Spin his Legacy in to Gold



Mike Bloomberg’s legacy is in the garbage but as usual the king of spin and lies — he is using gun control to spin his legacy in the garbage thanks to term limits, ECTP 911 mega corruption and deaths  Bloomberg’s Blizzard and Hurricane Sandy, CityTime 2nd largest crime EVER in NYC Gov. 911 bigger, in my opinion add a slew of mega over runs including 311 which like 911 failed during Hurricane Sandy, NYCAPS, FDNY Wireless, etc.


Seedco just officially punished for their crime and like SAIC has to pay the People of NY back money they stole over billing us which is easy to do under mayor Mike Bloomberg.


No one is asking him about these issues and the hospital crisis here in NYC except on the Upper East Side where he lives and that includes the St. Vincent’s Hospital Scandal with Cy Vance refusing to prosecute St. Vincent’s crooks just like he has not investigated the 911 corruption and John Liu’s request for a criminal investigation almost a year ago and how many people died or suffered far worse medical issues because 911 failed Hurricane Sandy?


Bloomberg pushed a reckless tsunami of devleopment aiding Higher Ed like Columbia University, NYU, NY Law, SVA, The New School, Cooper Union as well with Christine Quinn’s help aiding their pal Bill Rudin so we have no hospital in the West Village but Rudin Luxury Condos.


No one will ask Mike Bloomberg about the 3 trials in the Bronx NYPD out of control and the deaths by NYPD guns.  No one will ask Mike Bloomberg about Adrian Schoolcraft and how the Queen’s DA refused to prosecute top NYPD officers for putting him in a mental ward just before the election Mike Bloomberg barely won and Mike was selling the lie crime was down.


If Adrian Schoolcraft at been at The New York Times and not help prisoner at a mental ward right before Mike’s election and the NYPD held him through the election Mike might not have won because Mike sold the lie crime is down.


Det. Harold Hernandez resigned when he learned his unit was down grading First Degree Rape.


Mike Bloomberg right now People in Queens and Staten Island as well as Brooklyn still need your help because of the devastation of hurricane sandy and the 911 system still doesn’t work properly and you have Commissioner Ray Kelly saying it does.


Mike grows richer along with Christine Quinn and her spouse as more New Yorkers are falling in to poverty and they feel they are treated like criminals by the NYPD who stop and frisk them with no cause.


Mike Bloomberg uses Gabby Gifford for his tarnish legacy — he thinks he can uses gun tragedies to spin his crimes in to gold.


Mike Bloomberg commited perjury during the Haggerty trial.  Will he do so again during the CityTime trial.  Is that why Preet Bharara keeps pushing the CityTime trial back — so when Mike commits perjury again he won’t be doing it as a sitting mayor yet again?


Mike and Team Bloomberg were given immunity and none waived it during the Haggerty trial.  They will need Preet to give them immunity again during the CityTime trial and where is ECTP 911 criminal trial.


No wonder Mike is using Gabby.


Mayor Bloomberg Culture of Corruption Seedco Pays Up, Next Please!

  1.  by Suzannah B. Troy Artist please go to my blog and read this!!!!!!
  2. Read the above link if you want to learn about how much more money we should be getting back on CityTime and even more on 911 Tech system in my opinion!
  3. Linda Gibbs No Sherlock Holmes — that is why Mike Bloomberg likes her!
  4. [PDF]
  5. U.S. v. SEEDCO Complaint in Intervention (PDF) – Department of…/May12/seedco/seedco_uscomplaint.pdf

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    The United States of America, by its attorney, Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for Instead of reporting actual job placements for which SEEDCO could 

  6. Manhattan U.S. Attorney Settles Civil Fraud Lawsuit Against › Home › News

    Dec 19, 2012 – Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Among other things, the suit accused SEEDCO of routinely falsifying 

  7. Seedco Will Pay $1.7 Million for False Job Placement Claims…/agency-will-pay-1-7-million-for-false…

    Dec 19, 2012 –  help to exploit public funding for these programs,” said Preet Bharara, the  Barbara Gunn, the president of Seedco, has acknowledged for at 

  8. Seedco Pays Big Price To Settle Charge That Operation Was Bunco…/seedco…/article_431fce5a-5103-11e2-831d- …

    5 days ago – Seedco, a national nonprofit that operated two career centers for the the Southern District Preet Bharara that charged Seedco with routinely 

  9. NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2012: Whistleblower And United States…/whistleblower-and-united-states.html

    Dec 19, 2012 – Mr. Harper also settled his retaliation claim against SEEDCO Mr. Sadowski stated “United States Attorney Preet Bharara and Assistant 

  10. Bloomberg’s Linda Gibbs No Sherlock Holmes Seedco & Mazer…/bloombergs-linda-gibb-no-sherlock….

    Apr 1, 2012 – Bloomberg’s Linda Gibbs No Sherlock Holmes Seedco & Mazer ….. PreetBharara CityTime SAIC Scandal Westlane Polic… Apple Soho · NYC