Zachary Carter Should Have Resigned before Bratton!

I can’t believe Zachary Carter has not resigned yet.   Zachary Carter is Mr Redacto — redacting documents to protect wrong doing and guilty parties NYC gov.

No reason to redact documents that NYC gov department of investigation asked for.

Zachary Carter did not use white out in my case — he just sends in his lawyers to lie in court — amazing how Corp Counsel lied in Federal, Appellate and now state Court including Carter’s predecessor.  I was coerced but Carter paid out what 40 million t dollars to the  Central Park 5 accused of gang rape and violence where my lawyer’s letter said I drop the charges against MY ATTACKER if my ATTACKER drops the charges and Delita Hooks letter is yet another crime openly threatening me yet again — same tone as the cunt calling lawyer my guess Tacopina using a sock puppet account to threatened me and the NYPD acted on his threats a pile up of crimes along with the City of NY protecting a pile up of crimes….

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I am so scared instead of being forced to resign the Clinton’s will have Mr Redacto replace Loretta Lynch since he isn’t shy about using white out to blot out incriminating evidence.

I can’t believe the presidential elections — more like a bad “unreality” tv show and voters were picking who they thought was the least evil but now Trump has alienated the Republican party and dozens of women have come out exposing what the audio of him talking about “grabbing pussies” lays out for the American public — not the kind of lay anyone wants to hear…


It is grotesque all around — and amazing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal could take down both candidates and more than splatters on both.