Hurricane Sandy Outs Mayor Bloomberg as Fraud by Suzannah B. Troy Artist


Close to 9,000 views and only partial reading of whistle blowing letter proving SAIC less than ethical and stealing before 2003!  Which means we should have gotten a bigger settlement than the 450 million we got back. I was the only one to ask for 1 billion x 3 RICO for The People of NYC.

Look at date of this YouTube — the only one to say NO to a renewal with SAiC instead a full investigation and folks so far I can’t get Preet Bharara go back in Time but SAIC shareholders suing SAIC have and my blog appears in the law suit minus typos and not attribution…sigh.



Another HUGE Bloomberg Administration covered up but SAIC shareholders law suits OJ trial in reverse.

The only think bigger is the 911 tech corruption cover-up no criminal investigation for 911 ECTP bigger than CityTime and lucky Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn CityTime trial not due to start until Sept. 2013 but shareholders law suits bad news for Bloomberg, NYC gov officials and Preet Bharara US Attorney who said there would be arrests NYC Gov. officials.



And here I am in Aug yelling down Bloomberg at a press conference stating 2 billion 14 million dollars and ECTP the 911 Tech System does not work properly.


Than before Hurricane Sandy I predicted correctly the 911 tech system would fail and it did.


This link above gets in to Hospital scandals including St. Vincent’s Hospital which was opened Sept. 11 and also had a Rape Crisis Center.


To date Cy Vance not rushing to prosecute St. Vincent’s Crooks perhaps afraid to bring attention to Rudin Family acquisition pennies on the dollar?  Cy Vance afraid of Howard Rubenstein?


Cy Vance is not rushing to investigate 911 ECTP as John Liu requested after handing in a 20 page audit and Cy is not turning over to US Attorney but hey US Attorney doing a lousy job with CityTIme and refuses to re-do indictment and go back in Time which would be bad news for Rudy Giuliani and his deputy mayors turned SAIC lobbyists as well as key NYC gov officials including Bill Thompson and for Christine Quinn, Preet does not have to go back in Time but so far just like slush abuse he is giving Christine Quinn treatment like she has unofficial immunity.


Christine Quinn brushed aside two investigations brought by Tish James and discouraged a third.

These investigations of CityTime had Joel Bondy testifying under oath.

Mayor Bloomberg Yelled Down by Suzannah B Troy in Aug 911 Tech System Doesn’t Work Properly 2 billion 14 Mill $!

Reminder the NYPD/ NYC Gov perhaps tried to remove my YouTube shouting down mayor Bloomberg that the 911 Tech system 2 billion 14 million dollars does not work properly… Google sided with me and allowed my video yelling down Bloomberg to remain up since I filmed it on a public street and the NYPD Intelligence division Lt. is required to identify himself when asked as I did indeed ask.

Aug 20, 2012

I can’t make this stuff up.

Where is the criminal investigation.

Also note another tax payer Titanic 311 also failed during Sandy.
This was like Bloomberg’s Blizzard 2010 but way worse….we still will have deaths I fear when the power comes back on.

Is that why a corrupt Det first precinct made me being violently assaulted in Soho at a medical office disappear?

Shame on Mayor Bloomberg NYC Marathon Yell Down ABC News site by Really Pissed Off!

7:05 AM EDT
Nov 02, 2012
How could you??? My friends are being kicked out of hotels so these Marathoners can have the rooms. We have lost everything in Long Beach, houses and cars are gone. We were able to get hotel rooms in Long Island City to be told that we have to leave today-Friday. SHAME ON YOU BLOOMBERG!!
I found this posted on ABC news website coverage of The NYC Marathon.