Google YouTube Sexual Political Discrimination Against Suzannah B. Troy YouTube on Corruption Mayor Bloomberg SAIC CityTime ECTP 911 Tech   Warning this YouTube is adult.    It is the very naughty comedian Johnny T who is politically incorrect and sexually very lazy.  He complains that his Korean girlfriends breasts are so large double Ds — foreplay — is a lot of work — like holding two air conditioners at the same time….  Warning Johnny gives Korean Deli owners a hard time as well as discussing his hard times.


Poor Johnny
a RENEGADE from RED HOOK Production 2012
(Johnny T. Sollitto)



Johnny T’s YouTube  has no adult warning like the YouTube I made on Mike Bloomberg and Gerald Denault SAIC CityTime ECTP 911 Tech YouTube given an ADULT RATING for my breasts which are not exposed.   I am not a flat chested one so is Google allowing some loser man obsessed with me to “e-burka” me — censor me?


The answer is yes.

Dear NYPD Bomb Squad Unit:  My breasts most be a bomb — Google has given my breasts an adult warning.  Can you believe it?  Total size discrimination.  If I was flat chested wearing the same shirt would I have gotten an adult rating.   If a man wearing that shirt said what I said about SAIC and NYC Gov as well as the contractors on the 911 Tech System aka ECTP all involved in allowed tax payer money to be robbed would that have gotten a man an adult rating.


Do I have to register my breasts with One Police Plaza — are they guns or something?