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John Liu’s New improved Look at NYC Gov Spending Doesn’t Go Far enough

Does it include Christine Quinn and her staff’s legal bills?  Hardee har.

Does it give us a break down of 311 spending plus all the consultants that rob us blind.
Does it say CityTime break down with contractors and “trial pending Sept, hardee har maybe Oct. )
911 break down going over budget 1 billion +  with *criminal investigation pending? hardee har

Makes me think of baseball stats — they need to ad an S for steriods.
Read my two posts one from today and one from tomorrow
and added the post before this on the press not covering the real news devastating — starting with 911 but we should be update to date on SAIC and CityTime shareholder law suit and of course our press isn’t interested — not even reporting CityTime trial has been delayed again…hilarious almost but not funny at all.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – City Comptroller John C. Liu today unveiled his much anticipated website Checkbook NYC 2.0, which provides unprecedented access into how New York City spends its nearly $70 billion annual budget.

The new website can be accessed at

“Checkbook NYC 2.0 empowers and enlists the public to keep an eye on government spending and thereby curtails wasteful and improper spending of public money,” Comptroller Liu said.    “With out-of-control cost overruns and a growing public sense that tax dollars are not funding real priorities, this application could not have come sooner.”

Version 2.0, the new and improved release of Liu’s Checkbook NYC, solidifies New York City’s position as a national leader in financial transparency. A comprehensive national study of the country’s 30 largest cities ranked New York City in the top spot.  The study conducted by the United States Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG), Transparency in City Spending: Rating the Availability of Online Government Data in America’s Largest Cities was released today In fact, under the study’s scoring criteria, an early test version of Checkbook NYC scored a 98 out of a possible 100. Checkbook NYC 2.0 is so advanced it is now the benchmark for future comparisons.”

Click the press release link already up top to read more.

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