Zachary Carter Should Have Resigned before Bratton!

I can’t believe Zachary Carter has not resigned yet.   Zachary Carter is Mr Redacto — redacting documents to protect wrong doing and guilty parties NYC gov.

No reason to redact documents that NYC gov department of investigation asked for.

Zachary Carter did not use white out in my case — he just sends in his lawyers to lie in court — amazing how Corp Counsel lied in Federal, Appellate and now state Court including Carter’s predecessor.  I was coerced but Carter paid out what 40 million t dollars to the  Central Park 5 accused of gang rape and violence where my lawyer’s letter said I drop the charges against MY ATTACKER if my ATTACKER drops the charges and Delita Hooks letter is yet another crime openly threatening me yet again — same tone as the cunt calling lawyer my guess Tacopina using a sock puppet account to threatened me and the NYPD acted on his threats a pile up of crimes along with the City of NY protecting a pile up of crimes….

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I am so scared instead of being forced to resign the Clinton’s will have Mr Redacto replace Loretta Lynch since he isn’t shy about using white out to blot out incriminating evidence.

I can’t believe the presidential elections — more like a bad “unreality” tv show and voters were picking who they thought was the least evil but now Trump has alienated the Republican party and dozens of women have come out exposing what the audio of him talking about “grabbing pussies” lays out for the American public — not the kind of lay anyone wants to hear…


It is grotesque all around — and amazing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal could take down both candidates and more than splatters on both.



Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks Punchs Kicks Patient Rips out Patient’s Hair No Arrest Not Fired Man arrested for Kicking Cat

Dr Andrew Fagelman 155 Spring St Delita Hooks Unprofessional Violent Liar Attacks Patient 



Who gets to repeatedly violate a patient rights and than repeatedly violate a patient’s body repeatedly not fired or arrested.  

Did Dr Andrew Fagelman learn this kind of violence is okay at Buffalo Medical school?
The video proves Delita Hooks is an unprofessional violent liar.  Ask Dr Andrew Fagelman why 
he did not fire her and why she was confident she could walk in to the First Precinct and commit yet 
another crime a false cross complaint which proves she is a liar. I was told all the women in the video lied about me along with Delita Hooks and I believe it since none asked if I was okay and my eye was bleeding from a running punch to my eye, she than grabbed my hair and tried to kick me repeatedly as I held my bags my arm numb from two injections. 

The NYPD made arrest over this beautiful tragic cat but the NYPD threatened me like
they got VIAGRA from Dr Fagelman and it also felt like they were retaliating against me
for being an activist.

I was hurt way worse than the beautiful cat.  Delita Hooks came out from behind a long closed off desk.

Hitting a medical patient is like hitting a person in church said one man to me.

Before I was attacked –  note all the bags and FYI my arm was numb with 2 injections in my elbow as well as I held my phone as she repeatedly attacked me.

The  long closed off desk that Delita Hooks some call her “Delite” one person called her Delita Hooker came out from behind to continue her unprofessional violent tirade.
When I called from the police station Dr Vine’s receptionist responded her name is Delite when I asked what is the name of the woman that attacked me.  It was like a cruel joke.
When I could not get help I started to film. 
Delita Hooks could have closed the door but I had no where to go as all the doors in the hallway are locked and she has to Dr JeklyL Mr Hyde and in my option Dr Andrew Fagelman not what he appears to be at all.  He is not a nice man or an ethical MD in my opinion.
Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks Punchs Kicks Patient Rips out Patient’s Hair No Arrest Not Fired Man arrested for Kicking Cat

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn Direct Role 911 Tech Corruption

These are my opinions reposted from my blog which is my journal and my art….

Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy Artist


Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Directly Responsible for 911 Tech Corruption

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Directly Responsible for 911 Tech Corruption

Tweeted Christine Quinn I am exposing her 2morrow AM her role 911 Tech Corruption

if can add 1+1 = 2 than you can easily understand Christine Quinn’s role on 911 Tech corruption so egregious she could pay interns to faint every day to be their faux hero and it won’t absolve her   THIS NYDN ARTICLE HUGE AND NO MEDIA OUTLETS COVERING…
I copied the article with the comments to this blog in case the article ever goes missing….

This article with Cas Holloway’s letter to Janet Napolitano is my VICTORY because he lied and insulted all of us…..he did not stay for our testimony and mine stated HP was stealing.  I gave copies of my testimony to Juan Gonzalez, to everyone that would take a copy.

FDNY chiefs took a copy but guess who refused the NYPD head guy for tech top brass and guess who was doing creative policing allowing me to be savagely assaulted my retina damaged for life now — my neck and the NYPD did creative policing same precinct the First Precinct that protects City Hall, same corrupt det squad and my video proves I was assaulted and the NYPD and IAB fixed it.

They did it for a series of reasons and one was that I am a whistle blower reporting corruption involving the NYPD and IAB not doing their job but also 911 Tech corruption and Kelly came out after Hurricane Sandy and said 911 Tech system worked and it didn’t.  In my opinion my guess Dr Fagelman called 1800 NYPD IAB fix it for me as well but me being a 911 whistle blower the 2nd to be strong armed by the corrupt First Precinct Det Squad is a factor not just a coincidence.

Christine Quinn talks human rights and anti-hate crimes but she is as much apart of me being attacked a hate crime in my opinion as Mark Carson’s ambulance taking too long just like Ariel Russo’s and she won’t open an investigation because he also didn’t have a fighting chance because she sold us out to Rudin Family Greed.

Bill DeBlasio’s public advocate rep did call IAB to find out status of my case and they lied and said the case was open but the NYPD det that coerced and he was as violent and abusive as you can be without ever meeting me threatening me was allowed to retire so there is proof the NYPD and Internal Affairs are corrupt and protect corrupt NYPD officers like Det John Vergona who sent I message about the violence and me being on the receiving end.  No wonder Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are silent about me being savagely attacked at 155 Spring St and the NYPD and IAB fixing it for the doctor’s office yet the YouTube has over 15,300 views and the lawsuit has over 900 reads on and does reference CityTime and 911 whistle blowing work and retaliation  and bias.
Preet’s role covering up for Bloomberg Quinn on 911 Tech corruption.

It should be noted 2 people from The NY Post approached me to do the story of my shocking assault and never did the story so the bias and behavior very much like early stages Nazi Germany go on people at the top who don’t consider their behavior at all like the early stages of Nazi Germany.

Mayor Bloomberg Media Cover-ups 911 Tech Corruption Our Lives By Suzannah Troy Artist





Two years in a row I have yelled down Bloomberg and 911 Tech corruption 2 billion 14 million dollars and it does not work properly and to date they have never asked him about me yell downs even on Aug 20th, 2012 when he invited them to ask they kept silent.


Is it because they fear losing their jobs or hope for money from Bloomberg via a better job or some greasing Bloomberg because 911 means are lives at risk…..huge corruption waste, theft largest corruption citytime and 911 and the press still killing news and kissing Mike Bloomberg’s ass…


Scott Stringer Shut Your Mouth You Phony No Rape Crisis Center No Hospital Vote for Spitzer

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Eliot Spitzer over that tax payer black hole phony Scott Stringer. Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn shameless liars and frauds went on an anti-RAPE march but stop short of Rudin luxury condos because they sold The People of NYC out to Bill Rudin and he bought them cheap…..



No rescue worker could vote for stringer quinn mini bloomberg rudin puppets because no trauma level 1 hospital means their lives in more danger.


Scott Stringer can’t make it in the private sector. Can’t wait until he has too take a subway or needs a hospital and there isn’t one because he sold us out.


Eliot Spitzer will shut down 911 Tech corruption along with Bloomberg’s Tech Tsunami of corruption



Mayor Bloomberg 911 Corruption CityTime 3 billion tax payer dollars Exposed by Pencils

From my Suzannah B. Troy Artist blog — my journal my opinions my art….


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Ahhhhh Mike off to Bermuda — if he ran his private empire this way he couldn’t afford Bermuda or private jets and helicopters.  He would be poverty level and homeless.

Feds Wiretapped Wrong Guy Should have Wiretapped Mike Bloomberg City Hall 911 Corruption Still Not News

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John Liu Called for Criminal Investigation in to 911 Tech Corruption 1 year Cy Vance had Done Nothing!



The one year anniversary of the call for a criminal investigation in to the 911 Tech corruption is almost on us…. The end of this month and ECTP 911 Tech corruption bigger than CityTime — funny Preet Bharara not rushing in to investigate and prosecute and John Liu dubbed ECTP 911 CityTime 2.


This would have forced Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Quinn to resign but hey look at Rudy — he never moved the Emergency Commander Center between terror attacks and sold the lie he was a 9-11 hero in to a 30 million dollar fortune…..   Rudy had a 11 years to move the Emergency Command Center.


Let me guess — Mike Bloomberg pushed HP like SAIC — like a drug king pushes heroin.

Who appointed HP big wigs to NY Pension board — Mike Bloomberg?


The above story was killed flat out murdered by NY Media to protect Mike Bloomberg the way no one but Michael Powell reported Seedco Mike’s favorite not for profit was in fact stealing and had to pay for stealing.  Not news.



If the truth was reported front page Mike would be forced to resign.   Bloomberg is a fraud and would be in a homeless shelter living in poverty if he ran his private empire the way he ran NYC gov using tax payer money like his private charity and I am talking billions of tax payer dollars abused and or stolen all greenlighted by Christine Quinn and her flunkies on City Council…


The way he appointed Mark Page and Judge Lebow Patti little emperoress NYC gov Harris’s hubbie — to push the SAIC MTA uber corrupt deal.


HP was not qualified in 911 tech but billed us up the whazzzzooooooo  and the other contractors did not notice?  Ssshhhhhhh   DOITT did not notice.


Mayor Bloomberg and everyone alerted of something very very wrong and theory is that was the reason Paul Cosgrove ousted.  Paul the only ex Doitt not to become a lobbyist or get a cush job courtesy of NYC gov Bloomberg contacts… the math.


Seems like the Feds wire tapped the wrong guy.


The Feds did a political hit on John Liu — looks like the Feds did some billionaires some favors — billionaires and military contractors John Liu blocked from robbing us blind in my opinion……


The Feds should have been wire tapping Bloomberg, Mark Page, Patti Harris, Christine Quinn and in my opinion even Rose Gill Hearn.


FBI Wake-up out of your Coma City Hall SAIC, 911 to NYPD IAB the fix is in

Below are my opinion re-posted from my blog which is my journal according to Google which owns blogger.
My writing is my art — my creative expressions….I hope I make you think and feel…thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy Artist
The SAIC corruption was robbing and raping of NYC Tax Payers and the 911 Tech Corruption is even bigger than CityTime and not news.  John Liu requested a criminal investigation in May of 2012 and the Feds that wire-tapped him must have missed that important information that impacts our lives and more people died because 911 did not work Hurricane Sandy.A system like CityTime flawed and crappy and key players over billing aka as stealing in my opinion big time.I look at all this and wonder why the newspapers won’t address this and the shockingly violent physical attack by Dr Andrew Fagelman’s receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who the First Precinct just way too corrupt — they men involved to do their job — they fixed it — I was emotionally pistol whipped in to dropping charges by cowardly men at the First Precinct to cowardly and corrupt to even meet me to see the defensive wounds and damage to my eye…..I went to the FBI for help on the 911 Tech System and also Internal Affairs for what I suspected was a cover-up yet another crime in process, first Hooks assaults me, than the corrupt cops at the 01 fix it and now although still on going IAB trying to fix it although I shame them ever day…the case is open.

Note: Not too late to do some wire tap-tap dancing around who is really guilty — who pushed SAIC like a drug kin pin pushes heroin…
Christine Quinn endorsed by Liz Holtzman who lobbied for SAIC and benefited from Christine Quinn brushing aside 2 investigations in to SAIC.
Now Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein comes out giving Quinn the nod and GS Mike Bloomberg’s best client…. do the math and than keep doing it…add Rudy and his deputy mayors turned lobbyists for SAIC in to the equation and do what Preet Bharara refuses to do go back in Time.
Christine Quinn’s chief of staff Chuck Meara has a contact at the First Precinct — ask his buddy at the first precinct why Det John Vergona and Ed Winski on down fixed me being violently assaulted?  Any ideas?
Why is Internal Affairs spending over half a year trying to cover up for Commander Ed Winksi, Lt. Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen, Det John Vergona and his partner and the two corrupt cops that got Delita Hooks false cross complaint and never even contacted me.
Like SAIC getting the corrupt MTA SAIC contract the fix was in and who is going to do something to hold the corrupt wheeler and dealers accountable?
In my case it has been 7 and half months when is Delita Hooks going to get arrested and when is IAB going to be shamed in to doing their job?

Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Yo, from my blog which is my journal my art my opinion…..



Wow too bad about Eric Stevenson and oops he worked for Quinn way back when….


Preet used a little red faced he let Quinn walk on slush abuse?


Preet I am praying SAIC shareholders win and than it is bad news for you, Bloomberg, Quinn, Bill Thompson, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Page, and everyone that helped green light all this mega tech corruption and oh by the way Cy Vance where is the criminal investigation John Liu heroically requested for ECTP the 911 Tech System?


Where is it?


Why hasn’t Preet come in than and taken it?


I called Loretta Lynch’s criminal intake woman and left 2 messages because the 911 Emergency Command Centers are in her district but nothing…


Wow lucky for Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn….


unless the commit murder or higher a retired cop to commit murder or ask Joe Tacopina for the name of a retired cop or maybe HP has someone to do a hit — hardee har — just joking — of course.


These people getting away with murder — for every arrest we see in the paper re: Albany and City Hall way too many crooks Albany to City Hall getting away with murder.


Most hilarious Dave Paterson guilty of witness tampering for Dave Johnson who he kept on the payroll Albany paid by tax payers — and the only honest folks Albany resigned — most hilarious Dave praising Cuomo who got him an get out of jail free card.