Suzannah B. Troy Artist Wants to Escape Google Blogger but is WordPress better? and


really sad — I know it is exhaustion — google blogger rape — google hates apple — makes it impossible with new improvements to blog from iphone because Google hates Apple and I am growing to hate them both so I went to GoDaddy and created these two websites so now I have spent all this money on 3 websites with GoDaddy and I have more websites without companies….



So Godaddy pushed me to use wordpress and guess?


Looks and feels awful to me which makes me hate Google Blogger even more.


In theory I may need to hire someone to set me up so I can have a website that looks like a website and blog…


I don’t like have a website that is wordpress — what was the point of escaping google blogger?

2 thoughts on “Suzannah B. Troy Artist Wants to Escape Google Blogger but is WordPress better?

    • The image is from a blog post protest on NYPD Rape cops Joe Hell Bound Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel. They put the rape victim on trial and compared the victim’s genitals to a venus fly trap. My visual statement is it does not matter how we dress or if we are undressed — do not prey on us or rape us.

      I made 2 sites. corruptco and corruptconyc I may add adult ads to this site and I am adding ads regular ones and sees which makes more money.
      I made try this experiment and I have to find someone to help me set up both these sites and free myself of wordpress and google ideally.

      Thank you I understand why you don’t think the image is appropriate but this site may cary adult ads….seriously thinking about it. I have mixed feelings and prefer no ads which is how my first website but I do make small amounts of money from google adsense…so pondering. For right now extreme exhaustion and not able to transition they way I want to corruptco and corruptconyc

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