Feds Wiretapped Wrong Guy Should have Wiretapped Mike Bloomberg City Hall 911 Corruption Still Not News

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John Liu Called for Criminal Investigation in to 911 Tech Corruption 1 year Cy Vance had Done Nothing!





The one year anniversary of the call for a criminal investigation in to the 911 Tech corruption is almost on us…. The end of this month and ECTP 911 Tech corruption bigger than CityTime — funny Preet Bharara not rushing in to investigate and prosecute and John Liu dubbed ECTP 911 CityTime 2.


This would have forced Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Quinn to resign but hey look at Rudy — he never moved the Emergency Commander Center between terror attacks and sold the lie he was a 9-11 hero in to a 30 million dollar fortune…..   Rudy had a 11 years to move the Emergency Command Center.


Let me guess — Mike Bloomberg pushed HP like SAIC — like a drug king pushes heroin.



Who appointed HP big wigs to NY Pension board — Mike Bloomberg?


The above story was killed flat out murdered by NY Media to protect Mike Bloomberg the way no one but Michael Powell reported Seedco Mike’s favorite not for profit was in fact stealing and had to pay for stealing.  Not news.



If the truth was reported front page Mike would be forced to resign.   Bloomberg is a fraud and would be in a homeless shelter living in poverty if he ran his private empire the way he ran NYC gov using tax payer money like his private charity and I am talking billions of tax payer dollars abused and or stolen all greenlighted by Christine Quinn and her flunkies on City Council…


The way he appointed Mark Page and Judge Lebow Patti little emperoress NYC gov Harris’s hubbie — to push the SAIC MTA uber corrupt deal.


HP was not qualified in 911 tech but billed us up the whazzzzooooooo  and the other contractors did not notice?  Ssshhhhhhh   DOITT did not notice.


Mayor Bloomberg and everyone alerted of something very very wrong and theory is that was the reason Paul Cosgrove ousted.  Paul the only ex Doitt not to become a lobbyist or get a cush job courtesy of NYC gov Bloomberg contacts…..do the math.





Seems like the Feds wire tapped the wrong guy.


The Feds did a political hit on John Liu — looks like the Feds did some billionaires some favors — billionaires and military contractors John Liu blocked from robbing us blind in my opinion……


The Feds should have been wire tapping Bloomberg, Mark Page, Patti Harris, Christine Quinn and in my opinion even Rose Gill Hearn.

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Tech Corruption Lucky Preet Bharara Treats this like Slush Abuse! by Suzannah B. Troy

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Preet Bharara was never going to hold Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg responsible for slush abuse but when they pushed through the most corruption ever NYC gov history Preet just went in to see no evil mode!





You would think the FBI I spoke with before Lt. O’Sullivan — yes I had an in depth conversation with an FBI Agent woman on the phone — someone either the FBI or NYC gov would have thanked me and we would already have a criminal investigation…



Fast forward April 26, 2013:  The New York Times building — Energy Conference — and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!!!!!


The 911 Tech System a 2 billion dollar Tax Payers Titanic — CityTime 2 stealing going on, HP had no experience 911 and we can’t even text 911 but the corruption has made a lot of people richer as New Yorkers die or are further harmed because 911 system flawed.


FOR 2 BILLION PLUS DOLLARS you might expect the 911 system to work?


If we have another “hurricane” or  Bloomberg’s Blizzard of 2012, or a serious Terror attack or series of than the system will collapse again.


You think someone would care?


John Liu called for a criminal investigation in to ECTP 911 last year — one year ago almost and Cy Vance just like the St. Vincent’s Hospital travesty refused to do anything and Preet Bharara should have come in and take ECP 911 aka CityTime 2 but he hasn’t.



Mayor Bloomberg yelled down 911 Tech System doesn’t work Aug 20 2012 and It Collapses under Hurricane Sandy No Criminal Investigation


FBI Wake-up out of your Coma City Hall SAIC, 911 to NYPD IAB the fix is in

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The SAIC corruption was robbing and raping of NYC Tax Payers and the 911 Tech Corruption is even bigger than CityTime and not news.  John Liu requested a criminal investigation in May of 2012 and the Feds that wire-tapped him must have missed that important information that impacts our lives and more people died because 911 did not work Hurricane Sandy.A system like CityTime flawed and crappy and key players over billing aka as stealing in my opinion big time.I look at all this and wonder why the newspapers won’t address this and the shockingly violent physical attack by Dr Andrew Fagelman’s receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who the First Precinct just way too corrupt — they men involved to do their job — they fixed it — I was emotionally pistol whipped in to dropping charges by cowardly men at the First Precinct to cowardly and corrupt to even meet me to see the defensive wounds and damage to my eye…..I went to the FBI for help on the 911 Tech System and also Internal Affairs for what I suspected was a cover-up yet another crime in process, first Hooks assaults me, than the corrupt cops at the 01 fix it and now although still on going IAB trying to fix it although I shame them ever day…the case is open.

Note: Not too late to do some wire tap-tap dancing around who is really guilty — who pushed SAIC like a drug kin pin pushes heroin…
Christine Quinn endorsed by Liz Holtzman who lobbied for SAIC and benefited from Christine Quinn brushing aside 2 investigations in to SAIC.
Now Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein comes out giving Quinn the nod and GS Mike Bloomberg’s best client…. do the math and than keep doing it…add Rudy and his deputy mayors turned lobbyists for SAIC in to the equation and do what Preet Bharara refuses to do go back in Time.
Christine Quinn’s chief of staff Chuck Meara has a contact at the First Precinct — ask his buddy at the first precinct why Det John Vergona and Ed Winski on down fixed me being violently assaulted?  Any ideas?
Why is Internal Affairs spending over half a year trying to cover up for Commander Ed Winksi, Lt. Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen, Det John Vergona and his partner and the two corrupt cops that got Delita Hooks false cross complaint and never even contacted me.
Like SAIC getting the corrupt MTA SAIC contract the fix was in and who is going to do something to hold the corrupt wheeler and dealers accountable?
In my case it has been 7 and half months when is Delita Hooks going to get arrested and when is IAB going to be shamed in to doing their job?

Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Mayor Bloomberg King of Funneling Money Slush Abuse w/ mini-me 911, CityTime Corruption

Yo, from my blog which is my journal my art my opinion…..







Wow too bad about Eric Stevenson and oops he worked for Quinn way back when….


Preet used a little red faced he let Quinn walk on slush abuse?


Preet I am praying SAIC shareholders win and than it is bad news for you, Bloomberg, Quinn, Bill Thompson, Rose Gill Hearn, Mark Page, and everyone that helped green light all this mega tech corruption and oh by the way Cy Vance where is the criminal investigation John Liu heroically requested for ECTP the 911 Tech System?


Where is it?


Why hasn’t Preet come in than and taken it?


I called Loretta Lynch’s criminal intake woman and left 2 messages because the 911 Emergency Command Centers are in her district but nothing…


Wow lucky for Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn….


unless the commit murder or higher a retired cop to commit murder or ask Joe Tacopina for the name of a retired cop or maybe HP has someone to do a hit — hardee har — just joking — of course.


These people getting away with murder — for every arrest we see in the paper re: Albany and City Hall way too many crooks Albany to City Hall getting away with murder.


Most hilarious Dave Paterson guilty of witness tampering for Dave Johnson who he kept on the payroll Albany paid by tax payers — and the only honest folks Albany resigned — most hilarious Dave praising Cuomo who got him an get out of jail free card.