These are my OPINIONS — i paint with my words — this is my art…


update — CityTime trial — trial of the century starts Sept. 2013 next year just like Murdoch Hacking scandal!

 Almost 17,000 hits just from this page : http://allthingsd.com/20110630/bloomberg-to-saic-new-york-city-would-its-600-million-back-please/

Wow but that letter in my opinion translates in to this....

Mike to SAIC -- Give us 600 million dollars back and NYC gov and SAIC will agree to sweep

even larger corruption under the rug!

Love and kisses
Mike Bloomberg and Mark Page -- we went to Harvard!

I am too tired to links for under achievers -- google

Richard Valcich whistle blowing letter -- it will give you some clues!

Why did he go from hero to zero to say.


ps  ECTP 911 Tech contract dirty dealings even bigger and the fix was in --

soft landings and delays like CityTime so Mike will be out of office to avoid Richard Nixon
like resignation and his puppet and all corrupt greedy people's puppet Quinn in.

Bill Thompson implicated as well as Christine Quinn and  Scott Stringer and Bill DeBlasio did nothing to stop corruption.

Christine Quinn Another Puff piece The NY Times Poverty Homelessness Rising!


click on the image above to see it larger.





Christine Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a third term to help us with the economy yet NYC continues to have greater numbers of homelessness and poverty but she and her pals have grown richer.





We have no rape crisis center in the West Village anymore because she sold out to Rudin Family greed.







John Sexton NYU Evil Empire Purple Reign of Terror Law Suit?

These are my opinions — I am an artist — I paint with my words….  This is my art via Corrupt Co and believe me John Sexton running down to testify Mike Bloomberg must have an illegal third term supporting Christine Quinn’s use of slush and intimidation and selling the lie that we needed Mike to help us with the economy — and what do we have third term?  More poverty — more homeless and more evil NYU community crushing expansion along with Cooper Union (illegal zone busting), Columbia U. eminent domain abuse and more — look to higher ed in NYC and it is about higher greed and using their status for the most corrupt greedy land development all backed by corrupt co Team Bloomberg and it is so anti-Democratic process pure greed and stupidity.


Nothing learned from Wall St. Implosion and Mortgage Meltdown!





From Suzannah B. Troy:   We do not have a democracy – the majority of People of do not want NYU expansion just like they did not want Rudin Luxury Hospital Condos but continue to demand a full service hospital and City Council who is supposed to represent the people did not vote for the People but always in favor of greed with one exception Charles Barron!


Christie Quinn a sell-out and so is Scott Stringer.


Hey NYU students and parents — did u not know you pay for lawyers to beat down community law suits as well as Dave Perjury Witness Tampering Paterson — former accidental gov who enjoys flirting with your daughters and getting paid lots of money by John Sexton because Sexton evil press of NYU wants Basil Paterson’s connections to continue on his Purple Reign of Terror running NYU the evil empire of the East Village.


Visit 120 East 12th St. St. Ann’s grave — learn about the USPS illegal air sale to corrupt NYU to tear down St. Ann’s from 1847 that survived all these years except for corrupt USPS and NYU’s need and greed to build yet another mega dorm.  NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.


NYU John Sexton EVIL!


Christine Quinn and Bloomberg, Margaret  Chin, Rosie Mendez all supported this community crushing development that will blot out the sun, rip out trees and further rob what little “Village” is left thanks to NYU greed headed by that evil dirt bag John Sexton.

Mike Bloomberg Sock Puppeteers and Sheldon Silver Bill Eggler WWW Dirty Play?

Did you ever feel like the State and City of New York are run like a CorruptCo?

Excuse me but explain why “Bloombergforlife” and SteveRattnerRocks and over 50 more fake sock puppet accounts created on YouTubre have harassed me — in theory on the computer isn’t that aggravated harassment which carries jail time?   At one point than City Council member Tony  Avella now a NY State Senator who was running against Mike Bloomberg for mayor had his name stolen and two fake sock puppet accounts were also created which I alerted the real Tony Avella to because the fake was making racist as well as condescending comments on critics of Charter Schools.   The fake Tony mocked me and told he he was with Mike Bloomberg sipping champagne and name the hotel where Mike was having his celebration for just barely winning an election.

I would get high volumes of spam from Cloe Buckngham
praising the 311 system which by the way I believe is another tech Titanic for tax payers and I want to see how much so far in total we have been billed by Team Bloomberg including consultants.

I just had someone that I can’t help but wonder what might be yet another brand new sock puppet account created on behalf of Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn which I am libeled.  It was on rape.  By the way one of the original Bloomberg for life stalker mocked my bad hair day when I talked of the violence, rapes and murders of women in NY focusing on Imette St Giullen and Jennifer Moore.  Moore was underage.

The sock puppet accounts on behalf of Mike Bloomberg possible with some help from a friend in Google I believe were behind removing my entire account?  Is it far fetched to think one of Mike Bloomberg’s people could have chatted with someone inside Google YouTube who gave them pointers on how to take down my entire channel?

Thank you to Norman Siegel the famed Civil Rights lawyer and to everyone that wrote Google on my behalf.  I got an apology from Google and my Channel returned.

An activist made this Wiki page and it came under a group attack demanding the immediate urgent removal from Wiki — this page on possible censorship — the removal of my YouTube channel and political censorship and the return of my work.   The critics said I was not famous enough and of course 2 accounts where sock puppet accounts and the Wiki editor closed them but the page came down.

Nice to hear a reprimand was issued for Sheldon Silver’s guy.

I once sent the FBI an email that went something like this…if you ever want my help you will have to deliver Bloombergforlife’s head on a platter.

By the way — although we believe one person was central in sock puppet harassment more than one was involved  on Bloombergforlife which involved identity theft of Tony Avella and other YouTuber — Tony didn’t have an account but the goal of the sock puppet cyber stalkers for Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and David Yassky of Team Bloomberg by stealing people’s accounts and mocking them was to make them afraid to comment.

Mike Bloomberg says he believes in the first amendment but what his NYPD Intelligence Lt. shut me up and shut me down.  Mike invites the press to ask him what I was shouting about.  I shouted him down as the most corrupt mayor ever siting ECTP the 911 Tech system 2 billion 14 million dollars and it does not work properly and CityTime.  No one in the press asked him about that or why I went silent immediately after facing possible arrest.


Bloomberg  Baby Putin, Orwellian, and from Albany to City Hall these guys are above the law and their sock puppeteers


Corruptco: Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis Dismisses N.Y. Lawsuit Over Delaware Basin Fracking



Below are some key paragraphs from the article but I ask you — do you ever feel like from The White House to Albany to City Hall our Country is run like a CorruptCo — Corrupt company and corrupt co-workers?  Laughable if it wasn’t so sad and offensive but just a note from me first on NY’s unique Corruptco — look to the W. Village to Christine Quinn’s district the woman who wants to be mayor and has the most money from the richest people and in my opinion the ones that don’t care about The People just greed.

Reminds me of St. Vincent’s Hospital closed on 12th St.  No criminal prosecution of the crooks because perhaps Cy Vance the Manhattan DA is afraid of bringing attention to the Rudin acquisition.  http://christinequinnminime.blogspot.com/2012/07/christine-quinn-chuck-meara-locked-out.html No hospital in the West Village but a Pipeline.  Politicians silent or the phony ones say a word and than shut up.  http://nyulocal.com/city/2012/09/19/the-enormous-natural-gas-pipeline-thats-invading-the-west-village/

Now back to this disturbing ruling and when I read the Judge’s ruling I said “CorruptCo”.

“U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis granted a request by the Environmental Protection Agency and other U.S. agencies to throw out the case, finding that the development plans are in the early stages and the threat of harm is speculative.”

New York says it has shown that fracking generates millions of gallons of wastewater contaminated with toxic metals and radioactive substances, and that companies using the process in Pennsylvania have violated the law 1,600 times, harming the state’s water.

In Pennsylvania, natural gas and related industries have generated 72,000 jobs, 3,143 well permits and more than $1 billion in tax revenue since 2009, the trade groups said.

New York City has spent almost $1.5 billion to protect the drinking water that flows from the watershed, Schneiderman said in his complaint. The money has gone to buying land to serve as a buffer for pollutants, upgrading sewage plants and regulating human activity.”

LGBT Center on West 13th St. Clueless Closest Rape Crisis Center

LGBT Clueless Closet Rape Crisis Center

LGBT Center 13 Clueless Closest Rape Crisis Center

I walked in the LGBT Center on 13th and asked do you know where the closest Rape Crisis Center is?
They did not.
It is sad LGBT center is clueless.
I told them a woman asked if the  Rape Crisis Center that was closed that was in  St. Vincent’s Hospital  be put  in the  LGBT center.    That would be a no.
We need a medical facility and of course we need funding and rape fund faces cuts not an infusion of money.I picked up a handful of free condones and left.
NYC gov rejected my design for free condoms. “Make Wise Choices”.Mike screwing tax payers like never before.
Want to do stand-up comedy about Bloomberg and hand out the condoms.
R they made in a sweatshop in Malaysia?

Vito Lopez Guy Frank Seddio: A Boss Grows in Brooklyn NYC Has Plenty


Remember word on the street is Vito Lopez as the goods on just about everybody!

Charles Hynes the Brooklyn DA praises Vito Lopez and Hynes daughter worked for him.  Need I say more?

Vito Lopez could run Brooklyn from prison.  How he has avoided prison for so long is beyond me.

The Feds have a wire tape on John Liu but none on these guys or Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Christine Quinn and gang and in my opinion they should for all the corrupt technology contracts with mega millions to billions in over-rides plus obscene amounts of tax payer money for consultants when  a 4th grader using simple math could sum it up…, “We was robbed.”

Where is the criminal investigation in to ECTP the 911 Tech System — did no one notice we went over budget over 1 billion tax payer dollars.  John Liu did and handed over an audit and a request for a criminal investigation there is none so far.

One Term Cy, Cy Vance with the shortest tenure — is that the correct term won’t prosecute  St. Vincent’s crooks and if he won’t prosecute the 911 Tech system he needs to turn it over to the US Attorney asap.  CityTime trial as been delayed almost until Mike Bloomberg is out of office and he hopes to put his partner in crime puppet Christine Quinn on the throne.

Hey I am just an artist….I paint with my words — so explain to me how 50 million dollars for McCarren Park swimming pool isn’t money laundering?

Welcome to The White House to Albany to City Hall — all run like a corrupt co!


From the Bronx to Queens to City Hall the City is split in to mini-Oligarchs run by corrupt families and their pals.   NYC is oligarch central.  What happen to Democracy.  We aren’t corrupt politicians in jail?  They are just too many?


These are my opinions — enjoy.

Simcha Felder Show Me the Money Senator Wannbe Raise More Taxes?


His pet name :  Simcha taxler — because he raised the taxes —-

He helped Bloomberg push through any and all tax hikes!



Donald Trump Bronx Golf Course Construction Co Bribery Scandal



Reminder we don’t live in a democracy.  Donald Trump talks like a patriot but when it comes to real estate he is just another evil “oligarch of NY” who will throw Democracy out the door and crush your community with his greed and community.

I spoke at a packed house filled with People — me included who did not want Trump busting through zoning in Soho.  I spoke about Bloomberg pushing a corrupt Tsunami of Community Crushing greed to fast to be safe and being built on Old NY’s Infrastructure.

Corrupt NYU hosted the City Council Task Force Meeting on Dept of Building and Christine Quinn who was and is in bed with Donald Trump and all greedy community crushing developers did not attend because she didn’t want to be booed down by her own community — Quinn always a coward — so James Oddo hosted the event.


The Villager a corrupt little rag that does a few feel good articles but is in bed with Bloomberg, Quinn and Trump covered my speech and photo and small piece was from their website and Chelsea Now – their sister paper.


http://eastvillageeasteastvillage.blogspot.com/2008/08/jefferson-sieges-photo-of-me-at-city.html  Here is the beautiful photo and I know a man video taped my speech.  The crowd applaud me like I was Janis Joplin.  I remember Rosie Mendez came in late and her body language was so arrogant.  She was stunned by the huge audience’s response to me and she was barely acknowledged.  She had her guy call me the next day because her office had ignored my complaints about bars.

Remember Quinn didn’t show her face.  We are not represented.  Fast forward to the present and Rosie Mendez who doesn’t believe in term limits voted as Christine Quinn wanted for no protective zoning for a hospital only and yes to Rudin Luxury condos. She voted for NYU’s newest evil crushing expansion of our communities!   If she was hoping Margarita Lopez could get her a job at NYCHA that idea is dead now because her mentor is up to her eyeballs in scandal.

The crowd was hugely anti-Trump.

No democracy because as we know from The White House whether Republican or Democrat to Albany and City Hall it is run like a corrupt company with no concern for Teh People but for greed and stupidity.


Of course there was death — a construction death but it wasn’t Donald Trump’s kids so he didn’t lose any sleep and a significant water main break nearby which inconvenienced traffic trying to get in and of of the Holland Tunnel.

Do you think Donald Trump cares about the People or it is about his ego and tax deductions?


Do you think he suffers for narcissism galore, needs meglomanical massages and has not one ounce of shame and guilt for the destructive zone busting, sun blotting, ugly hideous community crushing development with blood on his hands and he is hated by the People of NY where he does his evil developments so does he think the golf course will get him off the hook?  No.  He has not morals.  He just helps his pals, wants to make money and is looking for the best tax deductions!


His curse is he is so vain and he has to look in the mirror.   He has no morals but being so vain looking in the mirror has to hurt.  Not as bad as the hurt for The People neighborhoods he  has destroyed but for such a vain guy it is one small punishment on earth for this narcissist who sees an unpleasant image looking back.


When Mike Bloomberg says Progress he means get your moving van!


NYU, Donald Trump, Cooper Union, NY Law Dorm by the Hells Angels, Columbia University & Bruce Ratner – Jay-Z -eminent domain abuse no respect for the People of this great city — they pray at the altar of money and greed and one wonders if some Biblical kind of Justice will be served for all the harm they have done.

They think they can hand people spin, all kinds of glittery gifts and the People won’t care but they do take notice.


An old video I did on NY’s crumbling infrastructure and these greedy stupid people that run New York allowed a reckless Tsunami of development on old NY’s infrastructure.

Remember the Steam Pipe explosion that looked like a terror attack?



Mayor Bloomberg refused to have a Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure.  I contacted Dan Doctoroff and I found out later so did engineers with the same concerns.  I was told he told them he is the deputy of infrastructure.  After the explosion he left to go run Bloomberg’s private empire will Bloomberg runs’ this public on NYC gov in to the ground!

Read my work on Bloomberg’s multi-Watergates CityTime, ECTP 911 Tech system, NYCAPS, NYWiNS, 311, FDNY Wireless and so many other tech contracts were we were overbilled and the tech so flawed it is beyond concerning — with CityTime for instance CityTime will end up in the dumpster and I was the only one to say SAIC returning $500,00 million dollars is too low a figure.  ECTP is even bigger and so far no criminal investigation lucky for Bloomberg and Quinn his mini-me.




Welcome to New York State and City — welcome to Corrupt Co.