President Obama NYC His ATM Hurricane Sandy

Pres Obama NYC his ATM Hurricane Sandy

These are my opinions….my art — thanks for reading…

Obama has not visited one Black family in NYC that lost a baby to gun violence. Instead he shuts down our communities visiting 1 percenters oligarchs of NYC and pulls up Brinks Truck.

The most left wing have an NYPD wanted artist rendering of Obama and Romney as criminals violating civil liberties. 

Obama we aren’t interested in your empty words re: Hurricane Sandy when you have done nothing to address the epidemic of violence here in NYC and include me as a casualty by Dr Andrew Fagelman’s receptionist as caught on YouTube.

I voted for Obama and never again.

I voted for Rudy. Never again

I voted for Bloomberg 2 out of 3 times. Never again.

If we do not have leaders no more voting for lesser of two evils.

Maybe I will write someone in but we don’t have leaders.

CorruptCo my term from The White House on down and I will never forget CorruptCo corrupt NYPD Det laughing with delight with the notion of false arresting me holding me illegally for a weekend. He stopped laughing when I said the Judge would throw it out as I was assaulted in a medical office and I would sue him.


Amazing who is above the law as NYPD set a record false arrests.

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