Adrian Schoolcraft Screwed by DA Richard Brown as Well NYC Corrupt Co

Adrian Schoolcraft Case No Grand Jury Hearing Thanks to Queen’s DA!

This is a blog post from  and my opinion — my blog is my journal so in my opinion this City run like Corrupt Corruption and this case is shameful.

Obvious why Brown did the wrong thing pure evil is he didn’t want top NYPD officers indicted and they would have been.

Deputy Chief Michael Marino, Deputy Inspector Steven Mauriello would have been indicted along with others.

Downgrading crime and how about Sgt. Chen and Det Vergona from The First Precinct making a violent crime disappear using a false complaint.  Watch the beginning of a violent assault at Dr. Andrew Fagelman’s Medical offices 155 Spring St.  She violently gave me the finger and was so pleased with herself when I was a safe enough distance from her I asked her to please give me the finger again.  When she runs at me punching me in the eye the screen goes black and than she grabbed my hair and kicked me in the groin although barely made contact because I got her down on the ground and as far away as I could with her still violently holding on to my hair.

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