Mayor Mike Bloomberg Legacy Trash Can NYC Schools, CityTime, ECTP, etc. by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

These are my opinions…


Mike Bloomberg legacy in the trash can just like CityTime destined for the dumpster but hey despite Koch being mired in third term corruption he got a bridge named after him!


If I am ever mayor the bridge will be renamed but don’t worry I am not running.


Lucky for Mike CityTime trial delayed until Sept. 2013    Will Gerald Shargel and Barry Bohrer play Rose Gill Hearn on NY1 doing an infomercial for CityTime!  Read up on her father getting a slap wrist for his very own greed and abuse of his expense account.


Than there is ECTP the 911 Tech System even bigger crime.  Looks like Mike Bloomberg will be out of office and the powers that be think they can put his puppet in office to protect their mega bucks but Mike Bloomberg’s legacy is in the trash can.

Look here and if link does not work copy and paste.



Reminder Preet Bharara said their would be arrests NYC Gov officials

Where are the arrests?

Where is the criminal investigation and arrests ECTP 911 Tech system because it was criminal.

Tomorrow am I will post an interesting insight in to the 911 tech partly inspired by an ambulance for Christine Quinn’s community member 75 that wanted to testify he demands a hospital in the West Village not Rudin Luxury condos and he pasted out — the ambulance took close to a half hour…

learn why we paid 2 billion 14 million tax dollars for a flawed tech system…..and I asked Christine Quinn for an investigation in to the ambulance and she did not do so.

I foiled the 911 calls and the ambulance went to the wrong address.

We paid how much money and the 911 system can’t get that right?

Check back tomorrow am.