911 Mega Scandals NYPD Mega Scandals NYC Falling Down by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

911 Mega Scandals NYPD Mega Scandals NYC Falling Down by Suzannah B. Troy Artist

These are my posts a NYC round-up on mega-scandals and corrupt politicians NYC running NYC like corrupt co a corrupt corp. or company you pick.   This are from my blog which is a journal my art and my opinions.  Enjoy.



ccrb shut down – cases put off until next year sandy and below par tech system
Kelly once could have been mayor is as  unpopular as bloomberg — well almost –

Mike and media  keeps spinning lies but New Yorkers are angry. 

No one in the media is asking Mike Bloomberg, mayoral candidates, Ray Kelly about NYPD mega scandals Adrian Schoolcraft Queens DA and 3 Trials in the Bronx and none anywhere else because DAs too scared or in bed with NYPD? I hear PBA NYPD favors right at City Hall! Ssshhh.


Yes I was once on record saying I would vote for Commish Kelly over Christine Quinn.  Well now I would not vote for either of them.


Go to this link and you will also see this…
“If Commissioner Kelly ran for mayor he would lose.   Although the press so far is killing the news  Queens DA Brown did what many of us feel is immoral – prevented a Grand Jury from hearing how Adrian Schoolcraft was wrongfully violated by top NYPD brass including Deputy Chief Mike Marino and DI Steve Mauriello who I believe has been promoted twice.

Listen to this and learn why the DA refused to put this in front of a grand jury — because it was a sure indictment.

This interview AMAZING AND VERY DISTURBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Listen to the part about down grading rape — they even have on tape the NYPD raiding his home with SWAT team and tasers.”





———————————– 911 –——————————



911 Tech Scandal (ECTP) Huge mega scandal bigger than CityTime — another Tax Payer’s Titanic and HUGELY flawed system that was doomed to fail and will again.  Why?  So much money stolen?  Same as CityTime where rumor has it Dept of Investigation was notified and did NOTHING.  Until the US Attorney cuts ties with DOI on  CityTime we know Preet isn’t serious.  Preet refuses to go back in Time CityTIme but SAIC shareholders clearly have read my blog and are.  How embarrassing for Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg including DOI Mike’ political arm yes that is  DOI and Preet Bharara who is afraid of committing career suicide?


John Sexton NYU pres Evil Real Estate Magnate may be kicked out?

We can only hope finally read why….



Christine Quinn does not have the bodily language of a leader and someone please run against Scott Stringer for  Comptroller!   We can’t have that loser black  hole Scott Stringer.


NYC Gov Bloomberg, US Attorney the CityTime scandal and Deb Alderson doesn’t go down.



Can you say Alan Hevesi Mark Guma Mark Guma Christine Quinn Mark Guma Cy Vance Mark Guma Maura Keaney and Maura Keany Christine Quinn now add the word scandals.

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